HR Fisken
Ph 027 3754881/04 2389144 a/h
Age:3 years Height:16.0 hh
Breed:Missouri Foxtrotter Colour:Palomino
Discipline:PleasureRiding, Other
Stud Fees:$750.00
Blood Line:Click to view

When fit Foxtrotters will travel at 16 kms per hour and your bottom never leaves the saddle. They are the Rolls Royce for riding - like sitting in an armchair all day.

EMH: 16 hands

Disciplines: Trekking, pleasure riding.

Crossing: If you cross with a Foxtrotter it will definitely smooth out your horse.

80% of our crosses will foxtrot. Foxtrotters do not trot. They walk with the front feet and trot with  the back. But instead of a high stepping trot, they have a gliding step so the back foot lands just behind the front. No posting or jigging on your horse.

Temperament :Foxtrotters are known for their temperament. They have a willingness to please their owners. They thrive on attention and affection.

As four year old horses they are bomb proof and we have children riding them.

Stud Services

At Willowbank we offer two options for mating your mare with our stallion at stud. We can send chilled semen anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.

We can agist your mare on site and service her via AI

Stud Fees

Service: $750.00 + GST

Collection: $150.00 + GST

Mare Agistment: $7.50 per day + GST

Foal @ Foot add $3.00 per day + GST

Deposit: $250.00 + GST (non refundable) to be taken out of service fee.

Equitainer Bond: $100.00 ( refunded on return by Courier )


Location: 264a State Highway 58
RD1 Judgeford

Phone: 027 3754881/04 2389144 a/h
Email: Send Email
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